Founded by RAE McDaniel, the Collective provides intentional and mindfully designed offices for rent, as well as a network of passionate, growth-oriented, and values-driven peers.

We Love

  • intentionally inclusive & beautiful spaces

  • cultivating community & chosen families

  • supporting the work of local queer, POC, and women-run businesses, makers, and artists

We Believe

  • in collaboration, not competition

  • emotional intelligence is at the cornerstone of a successful business 

  • gender, sexual orientation, and relational structures are fluid and flexible 

  • Black Lives Matter

  • pleasure is resistance & the erotic is power 

We ARE Committed to

  • audaciously doing our part to create the world we want to live in 

  • constructing spaces and services that allow marginalized communities to thrive

  • doing the work to keep our feminism intersectional

  • dismantling the patriarchy

  • creativity, innovation, & growth


The intentionally designed space includes: 


  • ADA accessible entrance

  • three treatment rooms (one especially for body work)

  • all-gender restroom

  • water and tea station

  • comfortable waiting area (with fluffy rugs!)

  • lockers

  • so many plants



Step 1: Fill out the application.

Step 2: If you are a good fit, someone from The Collective will contact you to set up a time to meet. 

Step 3: We decide together if the Collective is a good fit for both of us.  


Intuit Massage & Healing

Cameron Johnston

Intuit Massage and Healing began in the summer of 2016. With wide eyes, big hearts, and talented hands, Cameron Johnston opened Intuit to treat clients with a deeply empathetic approach rooted in a rich physiological understanding.  Intuit M&H focuses on supporting each client and their individual needs. At the core of our practice is a fundamental belief is that you know your body best, but we help you look deeper and feel deeper. We search to treat symptoms at the cause. We catalyze healing through intense work rooted in a deep knowledge of the anatomical body. We reach into our knowledge of kinesiology to discover what the body needs to realize repair, with an understanding that physical trauma comes in all body shapes and body sizes. We're also here for you during those times you may just need a deep exhale and a place to put everything on pause. We are here. We are dependable, and we hold you truly at heart. Happy healing.


Sage Mazian,
Certified Reiki Master

Sage developed a serious interest in energy work after discovering its amazing healing powers in their own life ten years ago. Wanting to encourage others to reap the benefits of energy work, Sage realized they could combine their interest in energies with their natural intuitive abilities to help others on their respective paths.

After years of study, Sage became a Certified Reiki Master in 2014. Sage is passionate about helping others through the practice of Reiki and energy healing.

Sage utilizes a unique combination of their natural abilities, energy healing, and Reiki therapy to assist clients to become mentally, physically, and spiritually balanced.

Sage is adept at getting to the root of any issues you might be experiencing. Then with Reiki and energy healing; clears what is no longer needed, and gives energy that is of service to your well-being and success.

DS1A2264 as Smart Object-1.jpg

Spirit and Matter 

Brittany Brda, LMT

Brittany's journey to the healing arts began from self healing. For the majority of her childhood and adolescence Brittany had experienced chronic wide spread musculoskeletal pain, severe migraines, anxiety and depression. She began her education into holistic healing which was the start to her own transformation. Brittany graduated with a degree in massage therapy and asian bodywork from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago where she studied Chinese medicine, psychology, kinesiology, meditation, both Eastern and Western forms of massage therapy, bodywork, and energetic movement practices. Brittany continued her education at the Thai Massage School in Chiang Mai Thailand and became a Reiki Practitioner through her studies at Zen Shiatsu Chicago. Once discovering the incredible power of the mind/body/spirit connection which allowed her to heal from her own emotional and physical pain, she created Spirit and Matter which encompasses this holistic approach to healing. Her practice is inclusive and intentional, a haven to individuals seeking to deepen their self-awareness, self-care practices and their understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection. Brittany is passionate about reintroducing healing touch to survivors of sexual, physical and emotional trauma and abuse. She wishes to help her clients find incredible self love and self acceptance through self care. She is a well-informed, intuitive and compassionate practitioner who helps others discover their healer within through body and energy work. Brittany's goal is create space where her clients may feel the connected embodiment of their spirit and their matter. 

Or via email: 

Tristen bio pic.jpg

Isabelle Rizo,


With a background in life coaching and mindfulness in the digital age - Isabelle brings an individualized approach to supporting your personal goals and holding space for processing. As consulting hypnotist on the Art of Balance team she facilitates the alignment of both the subconscious and conscious mind together for you to reach your goals and embody your version of balance.

Since 2008 Isabelle has worked internationally coaching entrepreneurs, artists, and trauma survivors in reaching their personal and professional goals. Hypnosis is a gentle and supportive tool in realizing goals, dreams, and clearing blocks you may currently be experiencing.



massage therapist & asian bodyworker

"...Energy is our first language and influencing that in the best possible way has become the ultimate focus for me."


Though a St Louis native, Tristen has made Chicago her home for over 15 years. While sewing her patch in the queer quilt, she pursed her passion for wellness at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

There she studied Thai, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, and Traditional Chinese medicine.

After venturing on her own for over 5 years, she has made it her focus to bring Traditional Chinese medicine and Asian bodywork to the forefront.

After going through the ultimate self-evolution and spirit expansion, she is determined to see that all bodies receive the care they deserve.

"Through touch and sound, I will heal my community. I will protect them by advocating for the ones that need it the most, so we can all thrive." - Tristen.