Talking with folks in both big and small groups about gender, sexuality, pleasure, and wellness is energizing to me. If you'd like to learn more about inviting me to come to your therapy center, hospital, university event, graduate school class, retreat, podcast, feminist sex toy store, event, conference, dungeon, startup, tech monstrosity, contact me here.

I'm always happy to create something tailored to your audience and needs. Here are some sample topics I have presented on:

For the General Public:

  • Pleasure as Resistance: Queering Eroticism as Creative Connection
  • Unlock your Erotic Mind: Breaking Down Barriers to Pleasure and Eroticism
  • Transition Anxiety: Coping Skills that Work 
  • BDSM Salon

For Pros:

  • Gender and Sexual Diversity: Exploring the Galaxy of Identities
  • Cultural Competence in Working with Gender and Sexually Diverse Clients
  • Sex Therapy 101
  • Sexuality, Race, and Transgender Health: Implications for Practice
  • Transition Anxiety: Skills for Teaching Coping Skills that Work