We’re Hiring!

Staff Gender & Sex Therapist

You’re a queer/queer-affirming therapist seeking to dismantle the patriarchy one 50-minute session at a time.  You strive for inclusivity and to keep your feminism intersectional. You get off on collaborating with some of the queerest, most audacious providers in the field.  You are sex positive, multiculturally adept, and passionate about working with queer people of color. You’re resourceful - hungry for constructive feedback and ready to go the extra mile to address your growth edges.  You and technology are friends. That thing that’s on most people’s five-year plan? You did it yesterday. You’re a badass and - most of the time - you know it. You’re looking for a position and company to grow with long-term.

Practical Audacity is a gender and sex therapy group practice and healing collective located in Logan Square centering and celebrating queer folks and other marginalized communities. We also do speaking, workshops, and consultancy projects for both professionals and the general public. Founded by Rae McDaniel (that’s me!), licensed therapist and certified sex therapist, in 2018, we are still very much in startup mode. I am looking for a team member who is as passionate as we are about our mission to serve the mental health needs of our community and who possesses the adaptability and flexibility that a start-up requires.

If hired, you will have the privilege of working with diverse clientele including trans/non-binary folks, people of color, artists, and folks in poly/kink communities.  You will be joining an intimate, yet growing, collective of therapists, coaches and healers aligned in our passion for helping marginalized communities to thrive. Depending on your license requirements, you will have the opportunity to participate in weekly individual or group supervision.

The following describes you super well:

  • While therapy is your focus, you also get excited about outreach, education, workshops and groups.

  • You have specific training & experience working with people and/or communities of color

  • Queer, kink and poly-related lingo are already part of your vocabulary.

  • You’re an effective communicator who is able to not take emoji-free, brief email or text communication personally and is able to accept and integrate feedback. You also are able to express any interpersonal issues effectively

  • You’re able to work autonomously, find information, and make decisions easily

  • You’re hyper-focused on getting the details right — you don’t do sloppy work or let little things slip through the cracks

Gotta have it:

  • License - LPC, MSW, LCPC, LCSW, MFT, LMFT, PsyD or PhD

  • Training & experience working with people of color

  • Training & experience working with trans, GNC, poly and kinky identified adults

  • Experience working in mental health offices and knowledge of HIPAA requirements

  • Able to stay organized and systematized with routine tasks

  • Can create notes and treatment plans independently and within a short time-frame

  • Understanding & implementation of the ethical guidelines of your licensure/degree

  • Willing to work some evenings and at least one weekend day

Helpful but not required:

  • Proficient in:

    • Google Apps

    • Electronic Health Records Systems

    • Health Insurance Lingo

Personal Computer Required

PT or FT: 10-25 Hours Per/Wk with Opportunity for Growth. Applications hoping for full time status preferred.

Instructions for Application:

Please send resumes, cover letters and two references to rae@practicalaudacity.com. The subject line should be “Rockstar Applicant: (Your Name)”. Applications will not be accepted without this subject line.

Application deadline is April 10th. If you are selected, you will hear back by the end of April 12th.

References (name, relationship to you, contact information) should include at least one previous clinical supervisor.

Please include the following in your cover letter:

  • What speaks to you about the mission of Practical Audacity

  • Your experience & training working with people of color

  • What does the term intersectionality mean to you?

  • Your experience & training working with queer AND trans/non-binary folks

  • Your theoretical orientation

  • Explain why you feel you are an especially good fit for this position? What makes you stand out over other candidates