Office Assistant & Right-Hand-Person

You’re a queer/queer-affirming human that gets joy out of doing the behind the scenes work that makes a mission-driven business run effectively. You know that no task is too small and that everything is figureoutable. Your brain works in systems and you are continually working to figure out an easier and more efficient way to get something done. You and technology are friends. You breathe easy when things are clean and organized. You are sex-positive and comfortable being around, helping with systems and content related to, and talking about topics related to sex and sexuality. Someone once told you that you have a green thumb and the term “plant babies” frequently comes out of your mouth. You’re looking for a position and a company to grow with and not just a side-gig.

Practical Audacity is a gender and sex therapy group practice and healing collective located in Logan Square centering and celebrating queer folks and other marginalized communities. We also do speaking, workshops, and consultancy projects for both professionals and the general public. Founded by Rena McDaniel (that’s me!), licensed therapist and certified sex therapist, in 2018, we are still very much in startup mode. I am looking for a team member who is as passionate as we are about our mission to serve the mental health needs of our community and who possesses the adaptability and flexibility that a start-up requires. You’ll wear a lot of hats and have the opportunity to provide valuable support to help grow and shape Practical Audacity.

We have high standards for both our physical office space and the quality and efficiency of your work, so you have to be willing to challenge yourself to continually raise the bar and be good at accepting feedback.

If hired, you will be stepping into an integral role at Practical Audacity. In your roles as right-hand person and office assistant, you will have a primary role in maintaining and enhancing our office environment as well as helping to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of digital systems. This will include everything from keeping the office clean, neat, and organized, to regularly checking inventory and ordering supplies, to responding promptly to maintenance issues as they come up and helping create and research systems that help PA run like clockwork. You will also be asked to do some personal assistant-type tasks for me at times (basic life tasks and errands).

The following describes you super well:

  • You’re an effective communicator who is able to not take emoji-free, brief email or text communication personally and is able to accept and integrate feedback. You also are able to express any interpersonal issues effectively

  • Being on time is important to you

  • You’re able to juggle multiple projects and communicate honestly about your timelines, challenges, and questions

  • You strive to be the best at what you do. You go above and beyond regularly. The phrase “That’s not my job” is not a part of your vocabulary

  • You’re able to work autonomously, find information, and make decisions easily

  • You’re hyper-focused on the getting the details right — you don’t do sloppy work or let little things slip through the cracks

  • “How can this be done better/easier/with more efficiency?” is a regular question you ask yourself.

  • You’re excited to learn and integrate new tech systems (ex: project management system) into your workflow

Gotta have it:

  • Able to prioritize projects and tasks with little direction

  • Able to stay organized and systematized with routine tasks

  • Managing multiple tasks and/or projects on deadlines

  • Ability to be assertive with customer service representatives

  • Proficiency in:

    • Mac Operating Systems

    • Microsoft Office

    • Google Apps

Helpful but not required:

  • Experience or knowledge of working in mental health/medical offices and of HIPAA requirements

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Weekly office cleaning and stocking

  • Weekly plant whisper duties-watering, fertilizing, talking to gently (Maybe not the last one. Unless you want to. Then go for it. I’ve heard they like it.)

  • Coordinating office stocking needs and supply ordering

  • Coordinating and troubleshooting office deliveries

  • Point person for office repairs/issues, including tech issues

  • Various one-time office projects and errands

  • Assist in creating and maintaining various ongoing projects for better internal systems management, including but not limited to: a manual for your position, policies and procedures, HIPAA and PCI compliance, online referral system, stocking and ordering systems, etc

Car and Laptop Required

PT: 2-6 Hours Per/Wk with Opportunity for Growth. $14/hour

Instructions for Application:

Please send resumes and cover letters to Please include the following in your cover letter:

  • What speaks to you about the mission of Practical Audacity

  • Explain why you feel you are an especially good fit for this position? What makes you stand out over other candidates?