Over and over in OUR practiceS, clients have sat in front of US with tears in their eyes voicing “I feel broken” because:

  • others have taken away their sexual power through abuse

  • they are experiencing sexual shame related to gender or sexual identity

  • they have physical problems that have become so intertwined with emotions that they feel inseparable and insurmountable to the client

  • they've never experienced an orgasm and that fact really bothers them

Others are:

  • stuck in a rut with romantic and sexual satisfaction and exploration and want to explore how to take their romantic and sexual life to the next level

  • facing relational and sexual challenges in both monogamous and polyamorous and/or kink relationships

  • figuring out how to navigate differences in libido between partners

  • want to uplevel their communication with partners

WE want to help people find pleasure, joy, and confidence in their sexuality and relationships no matter what barriers they face. WE do this by providing therapy and coaching grounded in feminist ideals and collaboration, a focus on strengths, trauma-informed care, and science-backed interventions that focus on the interactions of our thoughts, emotions, and actions. While providing a space for you to feel safe and seen right where you are, WE also have a bias to action that WE believe produces change in people's lives.