Trans-formative Movement for Every Body: Transfemme Sensuality for Every Body



Workshop Details:

Discover your own expression of sensuality through movements, postures, and poses that cultivate self-love and creativity. Through discussion, talkbacks, and dance, fall in love with those parts of you that have been neglected and express ideas that words cannot.  You are empowered to choose how much you would like to share, both during the movement and discussion portions of the workshop.

This workshop is open to transfemme and non-binary femme individuals. Dance experience is not required, as the movement portion of the workshop is an opportunity to mindfully tune in to what your body needs and is not choreography-driven. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that don’t restrict movement. Bring water, notepads, and open minds.


About the Instructors:

Crocodile Lightning

Crocodile Lightning is a transgender burlesque performer transplanted from Thailand. She uses the art of striptease to rekindle the connection with her body and sensuality after her transition. Similarly, she uses performance arts both to unpack the socially-constructed notions of gender and to express her courage, vulnerability, and resilience. Crocodile Lightning incorporates self-compassion and mindfulness practices in her performances as she invites the audience to challenge the status quo and awaken to the moment-to-moment vitality of life. Crocodile Lightning has performed across the USA and in New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden, and Canada. Learn more about her creative process on her instagram and this article in Voyage Chicago.

Casey Tanner

Casey is a queer-identified, sex-positive, intersectional sex therapist committed to providing support and authenticity.  She combines evidence-based guidance with tenderness and levity to create a space in which you feel seen and understood. Casey specializes in working with individuals and couples in the LGBTQ and poly/kink communities on concerns related to sex, gender, transition, relationships, anxiety, depression and body image.  She often works with folks with histories of physical, sexual, relational and/or spiritual trauma.




Workshop/Group Q&A

1. Who can attend this workshop?

This workshop is for trans-femme folks.  Trans-formative movement is about tending to the femininity that exists within you, no matter where you are on your journey or how your femininity is outwardly expressed.

2.  Why are we focusing on sensuality?   

Sensuality is often misconstrued as sexuality. By getting comfortable in our own skin through getting mindfully in touch with our bodies, we are working on presenting our most authentic selves to the world. Sensuality - and the powerful femme  already inside us - blossoms when nurtured by self-love and self-compassion. Intentional movements allow us to listen deeply to our body, tend to the parts that need extra loving-kindness, and express feelings and ideas creatively.

3. I have never taken a dance class. Is this workshop for me?

Absolutely!  The workshop does not require any previous dance experience, and is tailored such that each participant can take movement at their own pace.

4. What if I feel triggered or overwhelmed by part of the workshop?

The workshop intentionally has two leaders such that we can offer individual attention if parts of the workshop feel overwhelming.  Furthermore, the curriculum was designed with trans-femme folks in mind, such that there will be built-in opportunities to process any dysphoria-related triggers that arise.

5. What should I wear?

Wear whatever feels authentic to you.  If you’ll be coming straight from work or a place in which you aren’t free to dress expressively, feel free to bring a change of clothes.  Some folks like to bring an extra accessory such as a jacket, feather boa, or hat to incorporate into the movement portion. Dress to express!